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Report: Over Half of July’s Victims Were Women, Children

More than 90 percent of "broad and individual" attacks have deliberately targeted civilians, says human rights group
Report: Over Half of July’s Victims Were Women, Children

The Syrian Network for Human Rights issued a report on Saturday documenting the death of 1,674 people at the hands of the main fighting forces in July alone.

Government forces and allied militia killed 1,342 people, including 966 civilians and 286 children (an average of 10 children a day) in addition to 209 women and 376 militants, while 56 people died under torture.

The report showed a high number of deaths among women and children (51 percent), indicating the deliberate targeting of civilians by government forces.

Kurdish People Protection Units were responsible for the deaths of 13 civilians, including one child, while the number of victims killed by "radical Islamic organizations" reached 148 people, 131 of which were killed by the Islamic State (45 opposition fighters and 86 civilians).

The report noted that the Nusra Front had killed six civilians, including four children and a woman, while the total number of people killed by armed opposition groups reached 71 civilians, including three militants. The report documented the death of three militants and 23 civilians, including seven children, by the US-led international coalition forces.

The network documented the deaths of 71 people, including eight children and three women, either by drowning while trying to migrate by sea, or in bombings.

The network obtained evidence based on hundreds of eyewitness accounts indicating that more than 90 percent of the broad and individual attacks have targeted civilians, also indicating that most fighting forces in Syria have committed war crimes.

The report called on the UN Security Council and concerned international institutions to uphold their responsibilities towards the "instantaneous killing" operations, urging the UN to pressure the Syrian government to cease the deliberate and indiscriminate bombing of civilians, claiming allied Russia, Iran and China should be held responsible for the events in Syria.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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