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Regime Supporters Demonstrate to Release Their Captives in Damascus

The Islamic Front fighters had stormed Adra last year and kidnapped thousands of officers with their families
Regime Supporters Demonstrate to Release Their Captives in Damascus

Dozens of regime supporters demonstrated yesterday in the middle of Damascus asking the regime to negotiate with opposition forces in the east of the capital to release their relatives, while 11 regime soldiers were killed when the opposition fighters blew an armored vehicle in the north-west of the country.


Another 30 civilians were killed by an explosive barrel dropped by a helicopter on Aleppo in the north.


The people of Adra al-Ummaliyah meanwhile demonstrated in Umayyad Square in the middle of the capital, near the headquarters of the Chief of Staff and the official television and radio building, to put more pressure on the regime and push it to negotiate with the Islamic Front to release the kidnapped people in eastern Ghouta. The demonstrators raised signboards saying "Adra is bleeding" and pictures of the officers kidnapped by the opposition forces.


The Islamic Front fighters stormed Adra last year and kidnapped thousands of officers with their families. But the representatives of the regime didn’t enter into negotiations with the opposition to release them. The Front has delivered an old woman two days ago to the Syrian Red Crescent as a sign of good will to encourage the negotiations.


The regime was criticized by its supporters because it didn’t enter negotiations to release the officers and their families, especially after Iran entered the negotiations related to allowing opposition fighters to get out of Old Homs few months previously in order to release some Iranian citizens.


Meanwhile Hama Media Center said that regime forces have executed eight soldiers in Hama Military Airport because they refused to follow the military orders to fight in battles in the countryside of Hama. 20 other soldiers were executed last month for the same reason.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights mentioned "a state of deep resentment" among the regime supporters because of the rise in casualties among regime forces in the last weeks, especially after the Islamic State (IS) took control over the 17th and 93rd Brigades in Raqqa, in the north-east of the country and the al-Shaer oil field in the middle of the country, killing more than 500 regime soldiers.


In the same context, clashes between the security forces and National Defense Forces took place in the Tadamon neighborhood in the south of Damascus.


The Observatory said that 11 pro-regime soldiers were killed when an armored vehicle was blown "near the barrier of regime forces in Ishtabraq town in the countryside of Marrat an-Numan in the south-west of the country which is populated by a majority of Alawites.


The Observatory talked also about the death of "13 and injury of 17 civilians when a helicopter dropped an explosive barrel on the Maadi neighborhood in Aleppo.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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