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Regime Makes Prisoner Swap With Rebels in North Damascus

Assad forces release detainees Ahmad Khatib and Thaer Qadi after being detained for four and a half years
Regime Makes Prisoner Swap With Rebels in North Damascus

Syrian government forces released two detainees in Qaboun suburb north of Damascus on Saturday in a prisoner exchange with a local rebel group, activists said.

A local source from the neighborhood, which is currently observing a truce with the regime, said government forces released detainees Ahmad al-Khatib and Thaer al-Qadi following four and a half years of detention.

The source revealed to Zaman al-Wasl that the exchange deal was conducted with Jaish al-Fustat and Faylaq al-Rahman.

Jaish al-Fustat commander Abu Rashid said that he surrendered three prisoners including a woman to the government forces in Barzeh neighborhood in exchange for the release of Khatib and Qadi.

The exchange deal with Jaish al-Fustat is the second in as little as two weeks.

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