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Rebels Say Russian Mercenaries Helping Assad

There is mounting evidence of a Russian security presence in Syria
Rebels Say Russian Mercenaries Helping Assad

Rebel groups have posted online a photo of an identity card of Russian they say was a mercenary working for the Moran Security group in Syria.


The latest document comes amid mounting evidence of Russian security companies’ role in war-torn country.


The Islamic movement of Ahrar al-Sham did not reveal any information regarding the fighter’s fate – whether he was killed or not — after an ambush set up for many Russian fighters and forces loyal to Assad.


Russian newspaper Fontanka reported two weeks ago about the involvement of Russian mercenaries in the war in Syria.


Fontanka interviewed some mercenaries who said that they were lured by the promise of $4,000 per month and a promise that the first payment would be transferred within days.


They were taken on a flight to Beirut, Lebanon and from there they were transferred by car to Damascus. When they reached the Syrian borders, they traveled with a convoy of local guardsmen. In Damascus they were taken to a local hotel. The following day they were transferred by air to Latakia, and from there to a Syrian military base.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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