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Rebels Break Siege of Mleiha near Damascus

The six month siege was finally broken using a suicide bomber
Rebels Break Siege of Mleiha near Damascus

Rebels in the embattled Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus have broken the siege on the town of Mleiha after 25 days of severe blockade by Syrian regime troops, the local council reported.


The council said that fighters with the Islam Army, Ajnad al-Sham (the Levant’s Soldiers) and the Nusra Front participated in the siege-breaking battle.


At least 700 rebel fighters have been locked under siege by Bashar Assad’s forces for three weeks before breaking it using a suicide bomb carried out by foreign jihadist, Abu Alaa al-Kuwaiti.


Regime troops in response pounded Mleiha using ground-to-ground missiles and aerial bombardment.


For six months, Assad’s forces backed by the Lebanese Shia group, Hezbollah has been battling to recapture Mleiha, a strategic rebel bastion.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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