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Rebels Attack Biggest Checkpoints in Homs

The Mulok checkpoint in Homs has long been the key to liberating besieged Homs because it separates Homs from its suburbs.
Rebels Attack Biggest Checkpoints in Homs


The Mulokcheckpoint, located north of Homs and stretching for about 5 kilometers, is one of regime’s biggest checkpoints and has brought death and destruction to the city and its suburbs.


There are more than 40 tanks, 30 armored personnel vehicle, 1,200 military regime forces and 100 of Hezbollah militia forces in Mulok, according to activists.


Surrounded from different sides with sand barricades at a height of up to two meters, it consists of a number of points connected to each other. The checkpoint also has an incubator and enjoys enormous popularity among the Shiite and Alawite villages which protect and support it.


On Saturday, rebels from the north of Homs engaged in violent clashes with those manning the checkpoint, using heavy weapons and mortars, which led to the destruction of one tank and armored vehicle.


Regarding the importance of targeting Mulok and the course of the battle which led to its liberation, activist Ahmed Orabi Talbisa, a correspondent of Sham news Network told Zaman Al Wasl that "Mulok checkpoint or Mulok Camp," if we use its correct name, is one of the biggest checkpoints in Homs governorate because it includes the largest number of military vehicles, and was the first places to finance and provide military supply in terms of equipment, ammunition and Shabbiha.


In addition to approximately 40 tanks and the huge numbers of shabbiha, it holds a strategic location because it separates the countryside from the city.


It is also the extended point for pro-regime villages, since it lies on a direct line to the Shiite village of Al-Kam, and Al-Nejma, and Al-Ashrafiya and Mukhtaria villages.


The western Adon Checkpoint, in contrast, is less fortunate in terms of ammunition and machinery, and separates the three villages of the Al-Ghannto, Talbiseh, and Ter-Malah, and most of the soldiers inside it are from the Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas factions in addition to Lebanese Hezbollah’s Shiite militias.


Regarding the liberation of Mulok checkpoint by rebels of Northern Homs, the activist Orabi said that the Hazem brigade, in coordination with other military formations, tried to break the siege of Homs since the night before yesterday, where violent clashes with heavy weapons and mortars occurred, leading to the destruction of a tank and armored personnel vehicle. 


The clashes also led to causalities among shabbiha forces, and as a result ambulances sirens were heard in the city transporting the wounded to regime-held areas.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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