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President Assad Hosts Lebanese Baath Party Leadership to Strengthen Syria-Lebanon Ties”

Assad welcomed the Secretary General of the Baath Party in Lebanon, Ali Hijazi, according to al-Baath.

In a significant diplomatic engagement in Damascus, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad welcomed a delegation from the central leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath Party of Lebanon. The delegation was led by Secretary-General Ali Hijazi. During the meeting, President al-Assad emphasized the pivotal role of political parties in fostering strong relations between nations and defending key national interests. He specifically highlighted the contributions of various Lebanese national forces in strengthening the fraternal ties between Syria and Lebanon.

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President al-Assad also remarked on the interdependent nature of Syrian and Lebanese stability, stating that threats to Lebanon’s stability inevitably impact Syria, and vice versa. He underscored the mutual benefits derived from a stable and prosperous Lebanon for both countries.

The Lebanese delegation reciprocated these sentiments, underscoring the deep-rooted brotherly bonds shared by Syria and Lebanon. They stressed the importance of reinforcing these ties for the betterment of both nations. The delegation also highlighted the Pan-Arab role of their party in nurturing this cross-sectarian relationship, which is pivotal in the regional political landscape.

This meeting reflects the ongoing efforts to maintain and strengthen the historical and strategic ties between Syria and Lebanon, highlighting the significance of such relationships in the broader context of Middle Eastern politics.


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