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Opposition: Syrian People Feel Ukraine Suffering

The Syrian opposition president said the Syrian people are familiar with the suffering in Ukraine, according to Shaam Network.
Opposition: Syrian People Feel Ukraine Suffering
Opposition: Syrian People Feel Ukraine Suffering

The head of the opposition Syrian National Coalition, Salem al-Meslet, expressed the Syrian people’s support for their friends in Ukraine, a new victim of Russian attacks. Their situation is similar to Syria’s since 2015, the date of direct Russian military aggression, and the beginning of a new tragedy in the killing and bombing of the Syrian people with various types of weapons. He stressed that the Syrian people are the ones who feel the suffering of Ukraine the most and emphasize with the pain of its people. 

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The head of the coalition said in statements to the Turkish Anatolia agency, that the international community reacted quickly when Russia launched a war on Ukraine, unlike what happened in Syria during the 10 years of the regime’s war on the Syrian people. He added, “There is a big difference and contradiction between the position adopted by the international community towards Ukraine and the position it adopts towards Syria.”

Meslet said the West has made a mistake in condoning Russia’s crimes in Syria, and every time Russia has been allowed to use its veto power in the Security Council. He demands serious resolutions limiting Russia’s use of vetoes in any issue it is involved in. 

At the end of his statement, Meslet stressed the need for the international community to show a firm and decisive position against the expansionist and aggressive policies of the Russian regime, particularly in Syria and Ukraine. 

Source: Syrian National Coalition Information Service


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