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Opposition President Addresses Annual Conference of Iranian Resistance

Meslet addressed a conference of opponents of the Iranian regime, according to the SOC Media Department.
Opposition President Addresses Annual Conference of Iranian Resistance
Opposition President Addresses Annual Conference of Iranian Resistance

President of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC), Salem al-Meslet, addressed a televised speech to the annual conference of the National Council of the Resistance of Iran in which he stressed the right of the Syrian and Iranian peoples to get rid of the two dictatorial regimes and live in freedom, dignity, and democracy.

Meslet said that the paths of the Syrian and Iranian peoples converge in resisting tyrants, darkness, and hijackers of the peoples’ choices to live in freedom and peace. He pointed out that the two peoples have a common enemy: a serpent whose head is in Tehran and its unholy tentacles are in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and others.

Meslet stressed that the Syrian people highly commend the decades-long struggle of the Iranian resistance and stand with it until the defeat of the mullahs’ regime and the establishment of a democratic rule that truly represents the aspirations of the Iranian people and makes Iran a center of peace and civilization.

Moreover, Meslet stressed that the sectarian mullahs’ regime made Iran an epicenter of strife and unrest, as well as an exporter of crises and militias to the countries of the region and beyond.

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Meslet stressed that the overthrow of the murderous regime of Tehran and the establishment of freedom and sovereignty are sublime goals to which the Iranian Resistance has devoted itself.

Meslet pointed out that the Syrian people have long suffered and are still suffering at the hands of the Tehran regime which is aiding and abetting the Assad regime in killing, arresting, and torturing Syrians. He also said that the mullahs’ regime sent to Syria more than 70 terrorist militias that have killed and displaced hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians.

He made it clear that the Assad and mullahs’ regimes sent militias to fight the Ukrainian people and support Putin in his brutal aggression against Ukraine. “It is as if these rogue regimes have devoted themselves and their capabilities to suppress peoples and fight freedom and democracy wherever they exist.”

Meslet called on the international community to support the freedom-loving peoples against these regimes and to rise up as it did for Ukraine. He stressed that the international community must realize that the enemy is not a single regime, but rather a network of rogue regimes, chief among them are the regimes of Putin, Khamenei, and Assad. He said that our region and the world will not see stability as long as these criminals remain in power.

Meslet expressed his hope that a real international political will that is capable of confronting these murderous regimes, and that our peoples will carry on with their common struggle until they achieve freedom, sovereignty and dignity. He stressed that people cannot be defeated, and that injustice will not last forever, and that the mullahs’ and Assad regimes will eventually go.


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