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No-one Protected From Shabbiha’s Crimes, Even Allies

Mosib Salameh offers a clue to the workings of the Shabbiha community in the central city of Salamiyah
No-one Protected From Shabbiha’s Crimes, Even Allies

Zaman al-Wasl has obtained shocking information revelaing that no-one has been protected from the killing, abduction or blackmailing of the Shabbiha militias, even pro-regime people and informers working for the regime. Crimes have even reached Alawite civilians.


Observers close to the Shabiha community in Salamiyah city say they believe Mosib Salameh offers a clue to the workings of the community, because of his involvement in many killings, abductions and robberies. Salameh is surrounded by many, just as criminal as him.


A report about Salameh revelaed that Ali Hamdan, one of his agents, killed three people including a woman, from the Alawite majority village Abo Hakfa in Homs countryside, according to Salameh's orders, and that the three bodies were burned.


However, the story of Y.K is the more shocking, as it reveals the level of arrogance, criminal mentality and recklessness of the Shabbiha in people’s lives, even if they were from their own religious sect.


The story began when Y.K, who is Alawite, was abducted by an armed group. A ransom was requested of 9 million Syrian Pounds for his release. It was then agreed to give the money to a sheikh from nearby village to communicate with the abductors and exchange money with Y.K.


The deal was completed with the armed group, however, unfortunately, Salameh's men were watching and they took the shiekh and Y.K. hostage in a car wash workshop, then to Salameh, who blackmailed Y.K.’s parents and requested another 5 million SP for his release.


Y.K’s parents provided the ransom, however he and the sheikh and their accompany disappeared after the money was handed over. Ali Hamdan reported that the three hostages were killed,two of them were cut into pieces and thrown in sewage, while Y.K was buried days after taking the money.


Evidence has emerged about Y.K.'s abduction, including that he was kept in the Khnifis village in Salamiyah countryside. One person conformed that  he saw Y.K in the workshop, however he was threatened with the killing his only child in he said a word. Even the workshop’s owner receive similar threat.


H.K, a brother of the abducted and murdered victim, confirmed that Salamehand his men were responsible for the abduction and killing of his brother, and reported that he was abducted as well when he was in a petrol station and taken to a farm near Salamiyah, where he was severely tortured and his money and mobile phone stolen.


H.K said that a man in the petrol station recognized one of his abductors, which forced them to release him to avoid disclosing the incident. H.K reported that he was threatened by Salameh's men to keep silent about the incident, as the Air Force Security branch is involved in abducting Y.K. as well.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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