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‘New ISIS’ Kidnaps Activist in Liberated Aleppo

Kidnapping comes following tensions after Islamic groups tore down the flag of the Syrian revolution and attacked activists
‘New ISIS’ Kidnaps Activist in Liberated Aleppo

The "liberated Aleppo" is seeing increased tensions after members of Islamic opposition factions last week destroyed the revolution’s flag and abducted a well-known activist in Aleppo on Tuesday evening.

Opposition activists in Aleppo said activist Rayan Rayan was kidnapped in al-Kallaseh area after previously escaping a failed attempt to kidnap him earlier in the day.

Rayan had written on his Facebook page Monday that he was subjected to "a failed ambush".

The kidnapping incident comes after a tense week that began with members of the Nusra Front, Ahrar ash-Sham, Abu Amara and Hizb at-Tahrir (Liberation Party) tearing down the flag of the Syrian revolution (the independence flag).

A number of the militants then attacked activists carrying the flag with swords, accusing the activists of ‘secularism and infidelity’.

Members of the Hizb at-Tahrir group – which activists in Aleppo have recently dubbed ‘the New ISIS’ – have recently launched a campaign to sabotage and destroy revolutionary banners, graphics, murals and flags.

Al-Jabha ash-Shamiyah, considered the largest military faction in Aleppo, stood by idly as activists called on the group to intervene.

Hizb at-Tahrir is a non-military Islamic group in Aleppo, with its activities limited to walls, with slogans similar to those used by ISIS. Hizb at-Tahrir has never taken a public stance on the Assad regime or its toppling.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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