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NCC’s Saleh Nabwani Arrested at Lebanese Border

Committee member arrested by Syrian security forces while travelling from Beirut to Damascus
NCC’s Saleh Nabwani Arrested at Lebanese Border

Regime forces arrested National Coordination Committee member Saleh an-Nabwani on the Syrian-Lebanese border on Tuesday while returning from a meeting of the committee of Cairo conference for the Syrian opposition.

The Executive Office of the National Coordination Committee said Syrian security forces arrested the NCC member on his way from Beirut to Damascus.

The Commission condemned the arrest in a statement posted on social networking sites, at a time when "there are efforts to reach a political solution for the Syrian crisis", the statement said, demanding his immediate release.

It is not the first time regime security forces have arrested Nabwani. He was arrested in 2013 on charges related to his efforts in the relief and humanitarian field, with Nabwani detained in the Suweida military security branch for a month.

Hailing from Suweida city, Nabwani is a member of the Cairo conference follow-up committee and a member of the Executive Office of the National Coordination Committee, a participant of the Moscow II forum. Nabwani recently joined the Wheat-Values, Citizenship, Ethics Current founded by Haytham Manna following his resignation as president of the Coordination Committee’s Diaspora Branch at the beginning of 2015.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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