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National Coalition: Deal Between the Regime and Iran Is Null and Void

The Syrian National Coalition has rejected any deal between the regime and Iran, claiming that it will only increase the suffering of the Syrian people writes Syrian National Coalition.
National Coalition: Deal Between the Regime and Iran Is Null and Void

The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces condemns any military or economic agreement of any kind signed by the Assad regime with any occupying or terrorist-backing entity, and stresses that it is void and illegitimate, in particular the “military cooperation agreement” which was recently announced by Iran.

The Coalition stresses that the agreement targets the Syrian people, who remain the sole target of the crimes of the regime, its allies and the militias loyal to it. All of the regime’s plans, projects and alliances have been geared toward keeping it in power and allowing it to continue oppressing the people and depriving them of political and humanitarian rights.

Although the details of this agreement remain under wraps, the hostility of the two parties towards the Syrian people and their aspirations leave no doubt about its criminal content and the danger it represents to the Syrian people.

The Syrian people have been the main victims of the weapons developed by the Assad regime, chemical weapons and barrel bombs at their forefront, as well as the tools of torture and murder in its prisons. Any military agreement with Iran can offer nothing other than more means of criminality, intimidation and displacement.

The National Coalition calls on active countries in the Security Council to confront this criminal alliance and not to stand immobile before the support and partnership provided by Russia and Iran to the regime. They must prevent this alliance from continuing to impede a political solution and apply the necessary pressure to implement the Security Council’s decisions with regards to halting the killing and crimes, releasing prisoners and achieving a political transition in accordance with the Geneva declaration and the Security Council.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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