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Najdat Anzour Holds Saudi Responsible for Any Harm to Him

A fatwa was issued against Anzour after the making of his film, 'King of Sands'
Najdat Anzour Holds Saudi Responsible for Any Harm to Him

Syrian movie director Najdat Anzour said he holds the Saudi government responsible for any harm that might come to him and his staff who joined him in the making of 'King of the Sands', a movie critical of Saudi Arabia.


After the movie was screened in Damascus, a Saudi man, Adnan al-Ayed issued a fatwa authorizing the killing of Anzour as "condonable and necessary".


'King of the Sands' is a “declaration of war on the Saudi Wahhabi regime, and will not stop until [the regime] is removed from existence,” Anzour said.


He said he hoped the movie will open the door to similar artistic expressions and urged Syrian and Arab artists to follow in his footsteps and deliver works of art that expose the Saudi radical project across the globe.


The movie, produced by Anzour, is a historical biopic on the founder of Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Al Saud, depicting the deal between Abdulaziz and Britain in which he was supplied with weapons and funds to eliminate the Al-Rasheed dynasty which was ruling Riyadh at the time.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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