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Moscow II Forum Commences in Russian Capital

Opposition figures begin meetings as part of inter-Syrian talks in Moscow
Moscow II Forum Commences in Russian Capital

Opposition members participating in the second round of inter-Syrian talks met on Monday at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s guest palace in Moscow.

The Syrian Arab Republic delegation, headed by Syria’s Permanent Representative at the UN Bashar al-Jaafari, will participate in the dialogue following the conclusion of meetings among opposition figures.

Meetings on Monday and Tuesday will be held between opposition figures, with the Syrian Arab Republic’s delegation meeting with the opposition on Wednesday. The closing session will be held on Thursday morning.

Sources claim talks will focus on the need for uniting Syrian efforts to combat terrorism, encourage reconciliation, and prepare for dialogue, away from foreign interference.

The Russian capital hosted the first round of inter-Syrian talks on January 26-29, bringing together representatives of the Syrian government, as well as opposition figures and parties.

The discussions were held in the framework of consultations to prepare for a Syrian-Syrian dialogue to solve the country’s crisis, resulting in the government’s delegation and a number of the opposition’s representatives agreeing to a set of guidelines proposed by Russia.

The guidelines, dubbed the “Moscow Principles”, stressed maintaining Syria’s sovereignty and unity, fighting terrorism, settling the crisis peacefully and politically, and rejecting any foreign interference.

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