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Mikdad Stresses Virtue of Syria’s Policies

A recent change in stance towards Syria by European states exhibits the merits of President Assad's policies, claims deputy FM
Mikdad Stresses Virtue of Syria’s Policies

Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad affirmed the correctness of Syria’s polices towards the country’s internal situation and its central issue, the Palestinian cause.

“The shy awakening of some Western officials in changing their thoughts towards events in Syria, undoubtedly shows the correctness of Syria’s strategies and its honorable struggle in defense of its people’s convictions… an issue which was represented by the flow of foreign delegations into Syria, including popular and official delegations from France, Pakistan, India and America,” Mikdad said in an article published by Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper on Saturday.

He added that the stance taken by some European states towards Syria in support of terrorist organizations, including the Nusra Front and ISIS, have stirred public opinion in countries like France, directly leading to the support of extremist organizations to perpetrate crimes in Paris and other French cities.

Mikdad said that the French Parliamentarian delegation’s visit to Syria indicates the degree of the French government’s isolation, where public polls show a lack of confidence in the French leadership as support wavers around 11 percent.

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