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Life Suspended in Yarmouk as Terrorists Return

Palestinian grandmother says she came to Syria with a dream
Life Suspended in Yarmouk as Terrorists Return

Life in Yarmouk camp has been put on pause once again after members of the Nusra Front  terrorist organization entered the camp, residents said.


A grandmother, nicknamed Umm Haytham said that when she was 17, she came from Palestine to Syria with the dream of returning to Palestine. 


"Now, after 46 years, my dream is to provide food to my six children and 19 grandchildren and protect them from abduction and starving to death," she said.


"Strangers and gunmen entered the camp, they destroyed our houses, stole our furniture and deprived us of medicine and food. We had to pay lots of money to buy food from them. The price of one kilo of rice was 10,000 Syrian Pounds; one loaf of bread cost 100 Syrian Pounds."


She noted that she did not find it strange that the world remained silent regarding the tragedy of the camp as it previously did towards the Palestinian tragedy when it even supported the Israeli occupation.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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