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Lebanon Deports 10 Syrian Detainees

The Nusra Front issues statement warning against a deal with Hezbollah
Lebanon Deports 10 Syrian Detainees

Lebanese authorities have handed 10 Syrian detainees to the Syrian regime at the Masnaa crossing point, under orders of Abbas Ibrahim, the manager of Lebanese General Security, media activists said.


A source confirmed that Mahmoud Hamdan, from Zabadani, was yesterday released from Roumiyeh prison and transferred to General Security branch to be deported to Syria with nine other Syrians, citing correspondence with the Syrian regime.


The Nusra Front commented on the matter in a statement.


"As a part of the fierce campaign against Syrian refugees in Lebanon, we were informed that Lebanese General Security had handed 10 detained Syrian refugees to the Syrian regime," the statement said.


"The deportation came after (Walid) Moallem, the Minister of Foreign Affair's, visit to Beirut," it added.


The statement warned against a possible deal which could reflect on the General Security and its decisions, especially if they are influenced by Hezbollah.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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