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Leaks Show Hezbollah Set Up Spy Devices in Cooperation with Assad Regime

Hezbollah's role extends beyond fighting and is also coordinating with regime security forces in spying and surveillance on Syrians
Leaks Show Hezbollah Set Up Spy Devices in Cooperation with Assad Regime

In its latest interventions and violations in Syria, Hezbollah has set up monitoring and spying devices on the main water reservoir in Masaken al-Shurta in Najha, south of Damascus, which is one of the most sensitive areas for the Syrian regime in the capital.


In documents obtained by Zaman Al-Wasl, a letter addressed to the Director of Administrative Affairs in the Ministry of Interior, requests permission for Hezbollah’s soldiers to implant spying devices on the reservoir where a group of regime’s senior security officers live, which is also near a cemetery frequently visited by President Bashar Assad with a group of senior government officials, including for the 6 October War Memorial.


The letter, dated 2 December 2013, states that Brigadier General Ghassan Abu Hassoun, head of the employees housing branch in the Ministry of Interior, is asked to meet Brigadier Thaer Al Omar, head of counterterrorism branch in the state security, and the latter confirmed that “the area falls within the scope of their operations and what is required are just secretly implanted spying devices on the highest site to conduct surveillance and security imperatives." The document was supervised by General Hamid Asaad al-Mouri, head of administrative affairs in the Ministry of Interior.


The document debunks national sovereignty claims many regime officials have pretended to care about, as in the most recently statement from Bashar Assad’s political advisor, Bouthaina Shaaban, who confirmed cooperation with regime’s allies Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, but claimed, that in case of any contrary action from these allies, "we will favor and stand by our people’s interest.”


This document sheds the light on the role that Hezbollah plays alongside the Syrian regime, not only in fighting but also in coordinating with its security forces in spying and surveillance on Syrians.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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