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Lattakia Witnesses Worst Citrus Sales Season

The citrus season in Lattakia is difficult for farmers, as prices are below expectations, according to Baladi News.
Citrus Lattakia
Lattakia Witnesses Worst Citrus Sales Season

Calls for the rescue of the citrus season in the Lattakia governorate in western Syria have intensified after farmers confirmed it is the governorate’s worst season. 

Farmers accused the Syrian Trading Corporation of buying their crop at low prices, and then merchants double the price when selling it. 

The suffering of citrus farmers in Lattakia is exacerbated by the ripening of the fruits and the peak season.

Farmers said that a number of them have not yet harvested their crops, due to the losses suffered this season. 

They added that the prices at which the Syrian Trading Corporation buys the crop after sorting it and classifying it as the first, second, and third time, is very little. The price does not commensurate with the production costs and the fatigue of the farmer throughout the year to reach the season. 

The situation of the farmers who sent their crops to the Hal market was no better than those waiting for the Syrian Trading Corporation.   

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Farmers, for example, sell a kilo of oranges (Abu Surra) in the Hal market for 450 Syrian pounds, while in fruit shops it is sold for 1000 Syrian pounds.

President Bashar al-Assad dispatched a high-ranking delegation to the coastal region to address this problem (according to SANA). Heading a government delegation, Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous on Wednesday inspected the progress of the procedures of citrus marketing from farmers in Jableh Plain through the Syrian Trading Corporation. 

Engineer Arnous also inspected the reality of citrus marketing in al-Hal Market in Tartous governorate and listened to the producers, citrus dealers, and al-Hal Market committees. 

Loyalists have already raised the citrus issue and accused the minister of supply of causing the crisis.  He then responded to one of the loyal pages, by refuting the news and sharing pictures that spread and confirm that this year’s citrus season is thrown in the streets.


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