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Jordanian Airstrikes Target Southern Syria Sites

On Sunday, the Jordanian Armed Forces reported on it had thwarted an attempt to smuggle narcotics and weapons into the kingdom, according to Baladi News.
Jordanian Airstrikes Target Southern Syria Sites

On Monday, at dawn, there were air strikes on the purification plant near the town of Kharab al-Shaham in the western countryside of Daraa, most likely conducted by Jordanian warplanes. Ahrar Houran reported that the shelling specifically targeted the purification plant, which includes a drug production factory managed by militias supported by the Lebanese group Hezbollah. The plant is also utilized as a temporary storage location and as a base for smuggling activities. The Tagammu did not reveal the outcome of the shelling as it was not yet known at the time of publication.

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The purification plant holds a strategic position on the Jordanian-Syrian border and is located between the town of Kharab al-Shahm and the Dahiya neighbourhood, at the western entrance of the city of Daraa, according to the same source.

In another incident, the same warplanes also targeted the residence of Marei al-Ramthan in the eastern countryside of Suwayda, resulting in reports of several casualties.  

According to North Press, local sources stated that the target was involved in drug trafficking in the area.

On Sunday, the Jordanian Armed Forces reported on its radio that it had thwarted an attempt to smuggle significant quantities of narcotics, weapons, and ammunition from Syrian territory into Jordanian territory on its northern and eastern borders.

Additionally, Jordan’s foreign minister stated on Saturday, “We take the issue of drug trafficking very seriously, and unless we see efforts to diminish this threat, we will take necessary actions to address it, which may include military action within Syria.”


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