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Islamic State: Obama's Excuse to Divide the Region

Obama is trying to recruit some countries in an axis against Syria, Iran and Iraq
Islamic State: Obama's Excuse to Divide the Region

If American administrations preferred not to eliminate Al-Qaeda and allowed Osama bin Laden and Zawahiri to continue operations from 2001 until now, why would Obama's administration work to eliminate IS?


Al-Qaeda's continued operations have given the United States a chance for military intervention in the regions where it has strongholds; as has happened in Pakistan, Yemen, Mali and Somalia.


Furthermore, Obama's administration has used the existence of Al-Qaeda in Syria to destroy the stability of the country, but was able to return to direct military interference in Iraq through the gate of the "IS threat".


It is clear that the tours of John Kerry and Chuck Hagel in the region aimed at extending the American plan to recruit some countries in the region in order to increase the American domination and apply a policy against Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Palestinian resistance. Obama himself specified the countries he wants to recruit financially, politically and maybe militarily to reproduce America's dominance in the region when he said: "We need the Sunni countries to establish the front of war against IS, not only Saudi Arabia, but all our other partners, like Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, as the Islamic State is close to them". Obama stressed that he needs the participation of these countries with a military role.


Notes previously offered by American specialists and officials reveal that Obama may think of establishing an Arab military axis against Syria, Iran and Iraq. Richard Hass hinted to this when he said in an interview with CNN that "Obama's project in the region is huge".


The tactical goal is to attack IS and recruit the countries he mentioned under the American flag and the slogan of fighting IS. Obama said in a press interview last Sunday that the other Middle Eastern countries which are not partners with the United States will be held responsible if they don’t stand against IS.


If Obama had been honest in his definition of the IS threat, he would have wanted to defeat IS groups in Syria and Iraq, because IS groups do not exist in Jordan or Saudi Arabia – but Turkey watches these groups pass through its lands to Syria and it never responds! But Obama's project, by investing in IS, will not move forward one step and he will not be able to use it against the people of the region which he wants to divide and will even fail in recruiting some of these countries.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer     



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