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Hungary to Provide 170 Scholarships to Syrian Students

Fully funded programs to include payments for university fees to monthly stipends, as well as housing and health insurance
Hungary to Provide 170 Scholarships to Syrian Students

Hungary has agreed to fund academic scholarships in its universities and academies for 170 Syrian students.

The Hungarian government approved last year the funding of 50 scholarships for Syrian students in their universities, with more than 270 students applying for the entrance exams which the Stipendium Hungaricum institute announced months earlier. Of those, 170 applicants succeeded on the tests, resulting in a government decision to raise the number of grants from 50 to 170, making Hungary the European nation to grant the largest number of scholarships to Syrians in a single year.

Hungarian embassies have been instructed to facilitate the obtaining of necessary visas for the Syrians admitted to the universities in the soonest time possible. Any student whose circumstances do not allow them to enroll at the universities this year can enroll at the beginning of next year.

Dr. Walid al-Bunni, who resides in Budapest, confirmed this news to All4Syria, adding that the Hungarian measure will contribute to opening room for these students to continue their studies for free, as the scholarship will cover all living and study expenses.

Dr. Bunni said that this step will contribute to strengthening relations between the future Syria and the Hungarian Republic, and thanked the Hungarian government for this measure, and said he hoped that it would continue to accept the same number in the coming year as well.

The Hungarian government has indicated that the scholarship program would be fully funded, from university fees to monthly stipends for the students, as well as their housing and health insurance for all academic stages (baccalaureate, master’s, doctorate, preparatory or specialist studies).

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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