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Huge Iranian Force Arrives in Syria: Leaked Documents

Jaish al-Fateh says rebel fighters are prepared to defend liberated areas against attacks by the Iranian militias
Huge Iranian Force Arrives in Syria: Leaked Documents

Leaked documents have appeared on websites with close ties to the Assad regime, claiming: "The non-declared "presidential’ decision to limit the Iranian forces in Syria has changed after the defeats of regime forces and pro-regime militias (Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah) in many regions of Idleb and Ariha".

According to the leaks, a large military force consisting of Iranian, Afghani and Iraqi fighters, led by Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani, is now preparing to intervene after arriving in the Jourin camp.

Speaking to Siraj Press about the leaks, the head of Jaish al-Fateh’s operations room Osama Hourani, responded: "The news might be dramatizing the size of such a force, but in any case we are ready to face any danger that could threaten the regions we have liberated. Neither this force, nor any other one, can enter the liberated areas. We are preparing to take control of the entire road to Lattakia; beginning from Bsunqul, then Muhambel and finally Frikeh, which the regime dreams of regaining in order to return to Idleb".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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