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Hezbollah Mobilizes Hundreds of Fighters to Syria

Group sends hundreds of soldiers into Syria amid fears of renewed border fighting in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley
Hezbollah Mobilizes Hundreds of Fighters to Syria

Lebanese Hezbollah has rallied hundreds of its fighters from Lebanon into Syria in preparation for the spring battles in the Qalamoun region.

Hezbollah moved the fighters during the last few days towards Syria, amid anticipation of fierce border battles in the Bekaa region in light of improving weather conditions. 

Hezbollah had previously threatened to resume fighting in the Qalamoun area when the weather conditions improved. Hezbollah militias had begun fighting at the beginning of winter, claiming their forces would benefit from the extreme weather’s negative impact on the opposition forces.

Hezbollah’s decision to fight resulted in heavy losses and it has since ceased fighting there.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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