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Government to Hold Sunday Meeting in Aleppo

The meeting of government ministers on Sunday will mark the second time that members of the government have visited Aleppo since it was liberated reports Damas Post.
Government to Hold Sunday Meeting in Aleppo

Sources told Damas Post that the government will convene its weekly meeting on Sunday in the Syrian economic capital of Aleppo, indicating the high importance the government attaches to the city.

Sources added that the meeting would be accompanied by a tour of economic, industrial and service sectors.

They said that the government will give full support to the city’s economic recovery.

The sources also said that the Aleppo airport was once again ready for service, having been stopped due to the wartime conditions in Syria.

A government delegation composed of 15 ministers headed by Prime Minister Imad Khamis had visited Aleppo in the first month of 2017. It was the first visit after the city’s liberation from armed groups.

The first visit was hoped to yield improvements in the service and living situation in the city after it was fully liberated from terrorists.

However the reality has not lived up to the hopes that were attached to the visit. At the time, the government said that the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the war in Aleppo was a top priority for the ministerial delegation, who began its agenda by meeting leaders of the Baath Party in the city and members of the executive office in the province, before holding a meeting with the province’s reconstruction committee, which was entrusted with a study of the situation of the districts in eastern Aleppo which were destroyed and offering necessary proposals for its reconstruction.

At the time, Khamis called for new visions to be proposed for reevaluating the city’s organizational plans, saying that the plan for restoring production, from the Sheikh al-Najjar industrial city to the smallest workshops, was at the forefront of the government’s concerns and the visit’s priorities.

It seems the government’s second visit is to continue in the same vein as the first, in terms of surveying what has been achieved, which does not seem major or commensurate with the volume of work needed in the city or enough to lift the suffering of its people.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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