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FSA Degrades Russian, Iranian Forces in Hama’s North

Rebels force retreat of pro-Assad forces after destroying scores of tanks and a number of armored vehicles in bloody counter offensive
FSA Degrades Russian, Iranian Forces in Hama’s North

Russian, Iranian and Syrian regime forces, supported by Russian air power, have retreated from areas they had previously occupied in Hama’s northern countryside only hours after battles commenced, according to an Al-Souriya Net correspondent in Hama.

The correspondent reported that Syrian Free Army (FSA) brigades had managed to face the offensive on several fronts in Hama’s countryside, destroying 20 tanks, four armored vehicles and a number of medium guns belonging to the joint forces.

Hama city also witnessed a constant flow of ambulances from the northern countryside to the National Hospital, where the wounded and deceased were moved amid heavy air raids from regime forces.

A senior Free Syrian Army officer told Al-Souria morale is vey high amongst FSA fighters after the remarkable defeat of the regime and its allied Russian forces.

Captain Abu Ahmad from Al-Ghab Eagles Rally added that all the fronts in Hama’s countryside were ablaze as regime troops tried to distract the FSA and disperse its ranks, but rebels contained the attack causing serious losses to the enemy.

The officer addressed a message to the Russian forces that "Hama will be their graveyard."

The defeat comes a day after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov remarked the Free Syrian Army was an "imaginary force,” adding “no one told us where this army operates.”

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