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First Investment Conference Kicks Off in Northern Syria

The conference seeks to establish an appealing investment environment and identify the investment needs in northern Syria, according to Shaam Network.
First Investment Conference Kicks Off in Northern Syria

Civil and economic events in northern Syria orchestrated the “First Investment Conference” in the countryside of Aleppo on Wednesday. The event witnessed the active participation of official bodies and economic stakeholders, aiming to enhance the investment landscape in northwestern Syria and apprise investors of the actual realities of the region.

Abdul Hakim al-Masri, Minister of Economy in the Syrian Interim Government, emphasized that the conference serves as a “foundation in the reconstruction” of Syria, signifying both an opportunity and responsibility for the government to foster relationships with local and foreign investors. Masri noted, “Today, we celebrate a gathering of our expatriate investors who seek the greater good and comprehend the magnitude of the challenges.”

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Masri elucidated that the conference’s objectives encompass “elevating the investment profile in northwestern Syria and providing insights into the actual conditions of the region.” The conference is structured around seven key pillars, encompassing “support for investment in political, security, and legal dimensions, as well as the reality of investment in the region.” Additionally, it focuses on “infrastructure rehabilitation requirements, and the facilitation of financing sources and financial institutions.”

In this context, Ali Hallaq, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, highlighted the economic development goals for northern Syria. The conference aims to contribute to the economic growth of the region, improve living standards, and create more employment opportunities.

Hallaq emphasized that the conference seeks to establish an appealing investment environment, identify the investment needs in northern Syria, create business incubators for small projects, encourage young talents to engage in entrepreneurship and foster strategic partnerships both domestically and internationally within the investment sector.

The Ministry of Finance and Economy, under the Syrian Interim Government, confirmed that the management committee of the first investment conference in northern Syria is actively engaged in preparatory efforts. The committee is led by the Minister of Finance and General Coordinator of the conference, Dr. Abdul Hakim Masri, along with Dr. Muhammad Nader al-Othman, Deputy General Coordinator, and Engineer Ali Hallaq, Head of the Organizing Committee.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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