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Feminist Lobby Condemns Stoning of Syrian Women

Syrian women are paying the highest price for freedom, dignity and equality
Feminist Lobby Condemns Stoning of Syrian Women

In cold blood, the Islamic State and the forces of darkness killed two Syrian women in recent days in a celebration of shame and criminality, under the theme of adultery.


The two women were stoned to death in Raqqa and Deir El-Zor. 
The latest crime adds to the criminal record of the IS, which includes cutting off heads and hands and crucifying people.


The Syrian Feminist Lobby condemns in the strongest terms these crimes and calls for the protection of Syrian women in particular, and civilians in general from the dark forces and all those who violate human rights in Syria.


We call on human rights organizations across the world to move to condemn this criminal act and investigate and convict those involved in facilitating the entry of these dark forces into Syria, either by financing them or supporting them in addition to the perpetrators of those crimes.


We emphasize that Syrian women are fighting for freedom, dignity and equality and to end all forms of tyranny, for which they are paying the highest price; killed, displaced, arrested and kidnapped. These women deserve the world's support for their struggle as an integral part of the struggle of the Syrian people in their fight to build a civil and democratic state committed to the International Bill of Human Rights and Women's Rights. 


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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