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Coalition’s Political Body Discusses Grave Escalation in Idleb & Latest Political Developments

The political committee of the Syrian National Coalition has met to discuss recent attacks and the upcoming session of the constitutional committee.
Coalition’s Political Body Discusses Grave Escalation in Idleb & Latest Political Developments

On Thursday, the Syrian National Coalition’s political committee held its regular meeting and discussed the situation on the ground and the deadly attack the Iranian militias committed against innocent civilians in Qah IDP camp in rural Idleb late on Wednesday.

Members of the committee strongly condemned the “heinous crime” of targeting a camp for displaced persons with cluster bombs. They called on the United Nations to launch an investigation into the attack, identify the perpetrators, and hold them accountable before the International Criminal Court.

Members of the committee also discussed the latest developments in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, noting that the people of the region could no longer tolerate the malicious acts by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and other sectarian terrorist militias who take their orders from the Iranian regime.

Members of the Coalition in the Syrian Negotiations Commission gave a detailed overview of the meeting the Commission held in the past two days. They also talked about the progress of the constitutional committee and the final preparations for the next meeting, due to begin at the UN Office in Geneva on Monday.

Coordinators of the Coalition’s internal offices submitted reports on their work to follow up on the situation of Syrian civilians in the liberated areas. The discussions also touched on the legal status of Syrian nationals in Turkey.


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