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Aleppo Families Pledge Support for Homeland

Aleppo families marched in support if the army on Tuesday
Aleppo Families Pledge Support for Homeland

Aleppo families marched on Tuesday in support of the Syrian Arab Army, for confronting terrorism and defending the homeland.


Demonstrators raised  the national flag and photographs of President Bashar Assad, chanting national slogans celbrating the heroism of the army and calling for more operations to eliminate terrorism.


Aleppo demonstrators unfurned a 360 sqaure meter image of Assad as a sign of loyalty and called for him to run in a new constitutional presidential term.


They hailed Syria's official delegation who took part in the Geneva II conference.


Meanwhiel, the Baath Arab Socialist Party branch in Aleppo organized a festival under the motto "From Aleppo to our delegation returning form Geneva".


Participants in the festival confirmed their commitment to preserving Syria's sovereignty, rejection of all forms of foreign intervention, and called for the Syrian people to take control of their own future and stop the supply of weapons and ammunition to terrorists.


They also called for increased pressure on those countries participating in the shedding of Syrians' blood and to pay compensation for the destruction they have caused.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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