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Abdulazim Takes Part in Iran Embassy Celebration

The head of the NCC confirms his participation in the celebrations marking the anniversary of the Iranian revolution
Abdulazim Takes Part in Iran Embassy Celebration

The General Coordinator of the National Coordination Commission (NCC) Hasan Abdulazim confirmed his participation in celebrations held at the Iranian embassy in Damascus. 


"I received inquiries about my visit to the Iranian embassy for the 35th anniversary of Iranian Islamic Revolution. I received an invitation to attend the celebration at the Meridian Hotel. I was also invited to an interview with Russia Today Channel in its office in Damascus at 7pm the same day. I attended the celebration and made the interview. But I didn’t stay for long time and I didn’t have dinner there," Abdulazim posted on his Facebook page.


The Iranian embassy had held a celebration in Meridian Hotel in Damascus, attended by many Syrian officials, including Peputy President Najah al-Attar, the head of the Syrian parliament Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham, the Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr Hassoun, along with some ministers and Syrian party members.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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