New Prices for Medicines, Infant Formula Spark Anger Against Assad Government: Indirect Extermination of Children

The Pharmacists Syndicate of the Assad regime confirmed that there is a significant shortage of medicines, according to Orient Net.

Infant formula has increased to record prices, and loyalist journalist Haider Razzouk said in a Facebook post, “At the new prices, a child needs 500,000 Syrian pounds per month for the cost of milk only.”

The new price increase caused great anger among loyalists. An account named “Lynn” commented on Razzouk’s post by saying: “Mr. Haider, an hour ago I bought a box of milk for my daughter (Baby Lit) for 26,500 Syrian pounds and a box of Libro diapers for 34,500 Syrian pounds. My point is, why are they fighting us with our children’s needs? We must steal, flee, or give up hope. And no one says: ‘Don’t answer my daughter’s children after 10 years, my Lord, we have blessed her. And we are waiting for her, but not because of her hunger.”

Syria Faces Baby Formula Crisis

Umm Muhammad said: “Everyone’s question is whether they are fighting us or we are fighting back against our situation. I mean that the world has stopped answering children. Enough young people who went to war, meaning no youth or children. What can this mean other than indirect extermination?”

Nisreen, in turn, called for not having children in light of the poor economic conditions in regime-controlled areas: “We go back and say: In this country, you will mourn a child. It should not be a sin to live.”

Mohsen Salameh also commented: “Who can bear the guilt of killing oneself by leaving behind a child in this country.”

The government recognizes

Earlier, the Pharmacists Syndicate of the Assad regime confirmed that there is a significant shortage of medicines in the local market. It pointed out that warehouses supply medicines to pharmacies in very small quantities due to the reduction of laboratories supplying them with products. This means that there are some medicines that are sold in envelopes to pharmacies to secure them for citizens, especially with regard to medicines that are used to treat chronic diseases. They consider that the only solution currently is to issue new medicine prices in proportion to the newly adjusted official exchange rate.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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