Christmas in Syria: Praying for Peace in a War-torn Land

A Muslim cleric recently told me that he couldn't imagine the country without Christians

I will do my best to spread hope in Aleppo this Christmas, but it is hard to celebrate when your city is in ruins.


Four years ago, Aleppo was a thriving, cosmopolitan place, but everybody has suffered in Syria’s terrible war. The rich have left, the middle classes have become poor, and the poor have become miserable. Four out of five people here don’t have a job. When I walk the streets, I feel attacked by poverty – by the sight of sick, tired, desperate people with no hope for the future.


At the moment, the city of Aleppo is split in two. In a few areas, you can sometimes convince yourself that life goes on as normal – people go to churches and mosques, children attend school, students go to university – but you never know where the next rocket will fall. To read more..


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