There can never be a ceasefire between a state and terrorists

The circumstances today are suitable for holding the Geneva conference, as they have been believed by the Syrians to be a month ago

In order for the Geneva conference – or any political solution – to succeed, it needs a number of factors: putting an end to terrorist activities, preventing terrorists from entering Syria and ceasing the supply of arms and money to terrorist groups.  Unless this is done, any political solution will be an illusion without any real value. That’s why we believe that the Geneva conference is important and necessary with the first provision for its success being the cessation of terrorist acts in Syria, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in a recent interview given to the Chinese state television, CCTV.


The circumstances today are suitable for holding the Geneva conference, as they have been believed by the Syrians to be a month ago, six months ago, and a year ago.  The problem is neither with the Syrian government, nor with Russia, China, Iran, or many other countries in the world that support the Geneva conference in order to reach a solution in Syria.  The real problem lies with some western countries, particularly the United States, which want to hold the Geneva conference on the back of military advancements on the ground in favor of the terrorists, underlined H.E. President Al-Assad.


President Al-Assad also pointed out in the same interview that the foreign-backed terrorists are also the main obstacle to the process of riding Syria from chemicals in certain areas controlled by armed groups who may not allow inspectors access to the sites in order to obstruct their work.  Many of these groups are affiliated with foreign states whose interests lie in obstructing the implementation of the agreement in order to place blame on the Syrian government, citing the agenda of certain countries that might instruct the terrorists, the majority of which are foreigners, on the ground to apply certain tactics to prevent the inspectors from carrying out their task in order to accuse the Syrian government of obstructing the implementation of the agreement.


The situation now favours the Syrian Army and hence it has been able to make significant progress during the past few months; given the fact that a large majority of the Syrian people – from different political factions – now support the army particularly after they have realized that what is happening is terrorism and has nothing to do with reform, underscored President Al-Assad, reiterating that there can never be a ceasefire between a state and terrorists.  Anywhere in the world, it is the duty of the state, in accordance with the constitution, to fight terrorism against citizens in its society; it is self-evident that any state should defend its citizens.


Indeed, we are not only facing terrorist groups, we are facing powerful countries which are backing these groups: the West, countries in the region, and Gulf states which have a lot of money and are funding these terrorist groups.





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