A New Coalition?

An individual cannot form an independent coalition that lives on external aid and grants, and is subject to Arab and foreign contradictory wills

I do not know why the administrator of a social networking site tasked me with the establishment of a "new coalition" for the Syrian opposition. I do not know from where he has got his altogether and completely wrong information.


His misreading might be the result of my recent refusal to attend the meetings of the Syrian National Coalition if the fights between its members continue. Perhaps the administrator believed I would leave the Coalition because to set up an alternative for it. Or maybe my positions towards the policies of the Coalition encouraged his belief that I want to establish another one.


Maybe the person who fabricated the news has a personal need for a new coalition, based on the ruins of the current one, and wanted me to form it, without taking into account my opinion or consulting with me.


It is not reasonable to form a new coalition just because someone has taken a critical position toward the existing one. That is not how these decisions happen, based on moods and desires.


Everyone who knows the number of countries that have intervened in the formation of the current coalition – which is approximately equal to the number of its members – also knows that they will not allow anyone to establish an alternative to it, especially if he wants to restore the independence of Syrian decision making, or seeks relations characterized by equality with the external parties controlling the Syrian file.


Furthermore, an individual cannot form an independent coalition that lives on external aid and grants, and is subject to Arab and foreign contradictory wills, even if he possessed supernatural powers. For someone who knows the structure of the political and military institutions of the revolution, and the complexities of the Syrian issue, and the quality of some of its leaders, should be fully aware that reform of the Coalition is not enough alone to fix our situation, and liberate us from our loss of sight. He should understand that the current structure of the Coalition makes any other alternative coalition a prisoner of a fragile reality that will lead to its inevitable failure.


The problem of the Coalition lies in failing to make any organized or serious effort to change its situation or influence it. There is no way to reform any organization without the initiative and an acceptance of its leadership. The problem of the Coalition lies precisely here: in the leadership's rejection of any reform, deepening its divisions, so as not to become a tool for any change.


In such a case, thinking about the establishment of a new coalition becomes an absurd and very harmful wish. Even if the person was stupid to the extent that he ignores the external role, which benefits from the perpetuation of the Coalition's current structure and which denies any reform and ignores any mistake, he should also see that any independent reform would completely eliminate the financial resources of the Coalition, and consequently, eliminate the chances to establish and face the external powers that made its independence impossible.


The powers which intervene in all the affairs of the Coalition will prevent any independent national decision, and this goal would deprive the Coalition from economic and military support.


This complexity is reinforced by the interests of parties in the Coalition related to different and conflicting countries. It is unreasonable for me to be foolish enough to try to establish a new coalition that would hurt our people who want clarity, and do not need further confusion and loss, while their case slips further and further out of their hands.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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