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East Ghouta Residents to Brave Impending Winter Amid Firewood Shortage

An increase in firewood prices have encouraged some locals to turn to raiding Ghouta's famous fruit orchards for fuel
East Ghouta Residents to Brave Impending Winter Amid Firewood Shortage

The price of a kilo of firewood in Eastern Ghouta has soared, reaching up to 100 Syrian pounds, Al-Souria Net correspondent Hadi al-Qasim reported.

Wood is the primary source of fuel in Eastern Ghouta, used for cooking and heating.

Abu Ayman, an official in the Kafr Batna Relief Office, said that a family consisting of six people usually requires about 5 kg of firewood per day, costing up to 15,000 Syrian pounds (around $50) a month.

"Fruitless trees are our first source of firewood, as well as the destroyed houses in the cities of Jobar, Ain Tarma and Harasta,” says Asaad, a firewood seller in the town of Jisreen.

For her part, Um Hassan said the greatest disasters and problems have arrived along with winter, meaning heavy consumption and large demand for wood, leading to higher prices.

In winter, Um Hassan said, an average family needs 10 kg of firewood per day for cooking and heating, meaning 1,500 Syria pounds per day, or 30-45,000 Syrian pounds per month (around $100-$150), exceeding the income of most families.

Abu Shadi, the Director of Agricultural Office, said: "The orchards of Ghouta, known historically for their intense beauty, are on their way to desertification. Another year of the siege is enough to do so, especially since the urgent need for fuel prompted some people to cut down these trees without the knowledge of their owners.”

“As officials in the agriculture sector, we have launched several campaigns to combat the desertification, but the siege imposed on us impedes these campaigns significantly," Abu Shadi added.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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