Syrian Government Marks Army Day

Assad saluted the armed forces, "the source of chivalry, sacrifice, and unlimited giving," according to the Syria Times.

President Bashar al-Assad, Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, has addressed the personnel of our valiant armed forces on the occasion of the 77th Army Day in a speech through Jaish al-Shaab (The Army of the People).

Assad saluted the armed forces, “the source of chivalry, sacrifice, and unlimited giving with its officers, non-commissioned officers and its heroic soldiers, who have embodied the meanings of loyalty and belonging, and proved that the national faith is the foundation upon which the steadfastness of the homeland and its sons is built and the premise that inevitably leads to victory.”

He called on the army to “maintain discipline and commitment in carrying out training and combat missions, and exert maximum efforts in the fields of practical and theoretical training in the service of national duty and the requirements of confrontation with any potential enemy.”

He also saluted our armed forces personnel, saying, “As you continue to work with all effort, persistence and steadfastness in your sacred positions and tasks, salutations to your honourable families who stand with all solidity behind you and strengthen you.”

The Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, General Ali Abbas, affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army, since its founding, has been able to confront the projects of domination and colonialism and defended the nation’s issues, pointing out that the army personnel have been fighting terrorism and its backers for more than 11 years with heroism, and they will be victorious.

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Abbas’ remarks came in a phone call with al-Souryia T.V. Channel on the 77th anniversary of founding the Syrian Arab Army.

General Abbas congratulated the homeland, its leader President Bashar al-Assad and the army personnel on this occasion, paying tribute to the martyrs’ souls and wishing a speedy recovery for the injured.

“The Syrian Arab Army chose, since its founding, to be the army of the Arab nation, and it has confronted the projects of domination and colonialism with its various forms heroically and defended the nation’s issues, on top of which is the Palestinian cause… the central issue.” Minister Abbas said.

The Syrian Cabinet also commended the army, which “over seven decades, has presented the most wonderful epics of heroism, sacrifice and redemption to defend the homeland and preserve its unity, sovereignty, independence and independent national decision. This army was and still truly an army to defend the country.”

In a statement on the 77th anniversary of the founding of the Syrian Arab Army, the cabinet added that “the Syrian army, which has carried the banner of defending the Arab nation and its just causes in the face of colonialism in all its forms, has continued, for more than eleven years, its lofty national mission in defending the land and the people in the face of terrorism and a global war which is backed by the forces of evil and aggression in the world.”


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