Casualties After Ammunition Depot Explosion North of Idleb

Civilians were harmed after an ammunition and weapons depot exploded in Babska, according to Baladi News. SANA presents a different story.

Several civilians, including a young girl, were killed and wounded when an NLF (National Liberation Front) ammunition depot exploded in the Babska area on the Turkish border on Wednesday night. 

The White Helmets said in a publication that victims, including a girl with special needs, were killed amid huge fires that broke out on Wednesday in camps around the town of Babska, north of Idleb. 

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It pointed out that its specialized teams helped the injured to hospitals near the area, retrieved the girl’s body, put out the fires, and evacuated civilians from 12 camps to safer places. The exact number of dead and wounded was not disclosed.

According to the source, the warehouse belonged to the National Liberation Front of the National Army and was established prior to the construction of the camps currently adjacent to it. 

Disclosure of the number of casualties

The Syria Response Coordinators organization counted the number of camps and families affected and displaced from their tents by the explosion. 

In its statement, the organization said that the explosion caused human and material damage to the camps for displaced persons in the area. The explosion damaged more than 17 camps as a result of shrapnel falling on the area, burning more than 19 tents and temporary housing within those camps, and causing casualties and injuries among civilians. 

The explosions caused a displacement of around 3,500 civilians from several camps, mostly women and children, who had spread on several roads for fear of shrapnel. Several camps had been evacuated as a result of their proximity to the site of the explosion. 

21 camps were affected in the vicinity of the site. The damage was fully concentrated in the town of Babska, while some partial damage had arrived in Sarmada, Kafr Deryan, and Mashhad Ruhin.


The State-run agency SANA reported that “dozens of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation from terrorist organizations” were killed and others were injured in the explosion of a weapons and ammunition depot for them in the village of Babska in Idleb’s northern countryside.

SANA’s sources affirmed that large numbers of terrorists were killed or injured, and missiles and shells were scattered in the sky over the area as a result of the intensity of the explosion. The sources pointed out that the depot, which includes thousands of rocket shells provided by the Turkish occupation forces to their terrorist groups, exploded while dozens of terrorists were inside and around it.

The sources indicated that as a result of the explosion, a number of missiles landed in camps housing displaced families and in grazing lands, which led to the outbreak of several fires. After the explosion drones belonging to the Turkish occupation forces were intensely hovering over the area.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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