Germany Bans Syrian Embassy in Berlin From Holding “Presidential” Ballot

Germany has denied the Syrian embassy to conduct its electoral procedures ahead of the presidential elections.

On Wednesday, the Syrian Embassy in Berlin announced that German authorities have banned the conduct of electoral procedures for “presidential elections” at the embassy.

“The Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Berlin regretfully apologizes to generous Syrian community members in the Federal Republic of Germany. The embassy cannot receive Syrian nationals to participate in the Syrian Arab Republic’s presidential elections because German authorities will not allow elections to take place at our embassy in Berlin,” said the embassy’s statement.

The statement added: “We offer sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who have reached out to the embassy, expressing their sincere and patriotic desire to participate and exercise their crucial constitutional right to vote.”

It should be noted that the Syrian Embassy in Berlin has been nearly defunct since May 2012, when the Syrian Ambassador was expelled. The embassy’s work has been limited to Syrian consular activities only.

In several countries, Syrian embassies have continued preparing voter lists of Syrians who are living abroad and wish to take part in the upcoming presidential elections, which will be held on May 20, 2021, for overseas voters. Syrian embassies have called on Syrians to register for voter lists before April 25 in Iran, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Malta, India, Egypt, Iraq, Czechia, Egypt, and Malaysia. In accordance with the 2014 General Elections Law (as amended), Syrian embassies opened registration for Syrians who want to participate in the upcoming presidential elections.


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