Israel-Palestine: Shaaban Says Syria Supports the Palestinians In Their Fair Cause

A senior al-Quds International Foundation official has expressed Syria’s support for the rights of Palestinians, writes SANA.

The special adviser to the presidency and chairwoman of the Boards of Trustees of the al-Quds International Foundation, Bouthaina Shaaban, said on Sunday that the Palestinian people, through their faith and commitment to rights, have proven that the Zionist entity practices terrorism against people who want to live in peace and freedom.

“Today, we have to be at the threshold of a new era to believe in ourselves, brothers and friends, and be confident that the occupation will not continue and that Palestine will be liberated,” Shaaban said at a press conference in Damascus.

She added, “We, as people and leadership, stand by the Palestinian people with their struggle, victories, and martyrs…undoubtedly the price is big and the pain is big, but the lesson which is written today by Palestinians will turn the Palestinian cause from the local and regional arena to the international one.”

Other participants stressed that resistance is the only way to unify people, achieve victory, liberate the land, and establish the Palestinian state with its everlasting capital, al-Quds.

On a relevant note, the Palestinian al-Aydeen camp in Hama witnessed a mass rally with the participation of Palestinian citizens and representatives of factions in support of Palestinians against the arrogance of the Israeli aggression.

The rally roamed over main streets and squares in the camp, with the participants chanting slogans in support and solidarity with Palestinian people, and denouncing the brutal Israeli aggression.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian factions in Daraa organized, with the locals of the city, a solidarity stand in support of Palestinians in Jerusalem and Gaza against the continuous Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people.

The participants, during a rally held in the al-Kashef neighborhood in Daraa city, affirmed that resistance and determination are the only paths to confront the arrogance of the Israeli aggression and to liberate the occupied territories, indicating that they stand in one rank with their people on occupied Palestine.


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