What Happened Over the Weekend

Israel identifies Syrian rockets, Russia rejects US military convoy, and a minister requests for Turkey to “release water” from the Euphrates. Catch up on everything that happened over the weekend.

The Israeli military says it has identified three rockets fired from Syria toward the Israeli territory on Friday, AP reported. The military said in a statement that one of the rockets landed inside Syria in the evening hours. There was no immediate comment from Damascus. The incident comes amid a violent escalation between Israel and Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers this week that have been compounded by an eruption of ethnic clashes inside Israel and violence in the occupied West Bank.

Russian troops have blocked and turned around a US military convoy in northeastern Syria, The Moscow Times reported. “A Russian military police patrol stopped the convoy and turned it in the opposite direction,” Rear Admiral Alexander Karpov, the reconciliation center’s deputy head, said in a statement. The US Defense Department declined to comment on the confrontation, with spokeswoman Jessica McNulty telling Russian state-run media it “has nothing to give on the request.”

According to Syria’s and Iraq’s fair share, the Minister of Water Resources Tamam Raad called on Turkey to release water into the river. He also urged the international community and international organizations to intervene in this regard. The Syrian state media agency SANA quoted Raad as saying, “the drop in the levels of water flowing into the Euphrates River to less than 50 percent, starting from the river’s point of entry into the Syrian territories, was reflected on the levels of water flowing in the riverbed at different locations of the drinking and irrigation water stations.”

Rami Makhlouf, Syrian business tycoon and maternal cousin of President Bashar al-Assad, predicted on Thursday that a “miracle” settlement will soon lift Syria out of the chaos and devastation brought about by over a decade of civil war. Asharq Al-Awsat quoted a video Makhlouf published on his Facebook account saying, “the important thing today is to inform the Syrians of this message. The solution would be a miracle. How? What is the method? This is something I will keep to myself.” Branding his statements as “good news for Syrians,” Makhlouf said the solution will be “comprehensive, reached in the next few months and miraculous in the sense that all Syrians will support it.” He voiced hope that the solution he is heralding is “real and would spell the end of suffering for Syrians.”


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