Meeting Between Militia Leaders in Damascus

Militia leaders from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria will meet in Damascus to discuss their plans for the region, writes SY 24.

Iranian opposition leader Taher Abu Nidal al-Ahwazi said a meeting will be held between militia leaders from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria in Damascus in the next two days. The meeting’s purpose is to discuss the future of these militias in the region.

Iranian-backed media reported that the meeting would bring together “resistance leaders in Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran, with the Syrian regime in Damascus.”

The sources described the meeting as “crucial,”  focusing on “emergency developments in the region, along with the launch of the largest Israeli maneuver.”

“An important set of resolutions regarding the Syrian and Lebanese situations will be issued, including the formation of a unified operations center to monitor all regional developments,” the sources said.

“The world now, especially the US, is pressuring Iran to withdraw from its occupied territories: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon. The world wants Iran to stop interfering with other nations’ affairs, especially since regional actors are pressuring the Biden administration to put pressure on Iran, even if by force,” said Ahwazi.

“In all of this, Iran itself faces very difficult internal, political, and economic circumstances. Iran cannot really afford to continue with its expansionist policy of terrorism, which involves spending money on militias. This is especially pressing since there is a danger that Iran is running out of money, and there is a threat of starvation looming over the whole area of the so-called artificial Iran,” he said.

“Accordingly, the next meeting between Iranian factional leaders and the Syrian regime is entering an existential crisis, given that their Iranian ally has become weaker,” he said.

The meeting, scheduled to be held in Damascus, coincides with the upcoming presidential elections in which the Syrian regime’s head, Bashar al-Assad, is scheduled to participate. At the same time, Israeli strikes and raids are continuing in the areas held by Syrian regime forces, as well as the Iranian militias supporting them.

On Monday, the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces confirmed that “Iran has begun a new subversive project to export its militias from Syria to Yemen and employ them alongside the Houthis, in the ongoing absurd war against the Yemeni people.” The statement argued that the project “provided the international community with evidence of what this rogue state [Iran] is perpetrating against the Syrian people, the chaos and unrest it promotes in the region, and its repeated efforts to destroy the region’s social fabric.”


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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