Fire Extinguished in Distillation Unit 100 in Homs Refinery

A fuel leak has led to a fire in a refinery in Homs, but firefighters successfully brought it under control, writes SANA.

The Homs firefighters extinguished on Sunday a fire that broke out in the distillation unit 100 in the Homs refinery as a result of a leak from one of the crude oil pumps.

The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Eng. Bassam Tomeh, stated that a leak occurred during the transportation of crude oil between two towers, causing a fire. As the oil is heated before entering the distillation tower by about 350 degrees, and as a result of its high temperature, its leakage to the outside and the overheating of the pump body caused a fire to break out.

Tomeh added in a telephone call with a Syrian TV channel that Homs refinery has not stopped working, as it contains three other distillation units.

The Director of the refinery Eng. Suleiman al-Mohammad said in a statement to SANA’s reporter that the firefighting teams, with great efforts, were able to control the fire. HE added that, as soon as the fire broke out, the fire department at the refinery was called and asked for support from the Homs fire brigade and the civil defense branch to take all necessary measures to isolate the danger zone.

Mohammad added that four firefighters suffered suffocation and were rushed immediately to the hospital, but are now in good health.

In turn, the Commander of the Homs Fire Brigade, Brigadier General Hassan Ammar, said that since receiving the report about the fire, some Fire Brigade’s members have gone to the place and worked with the refinery fire department and the civil defense branch to isolate the fire, control and extinguish it, and carry out cooling operations to prevent its renewal.

The Homs Police Commander, Major General Mohammad al-Faouri, indicated that the internal security forces patrols were directed to the refinery area after receiving the report about the fire, to carry out traffic regulation operations to facilitate the arrival of firefighting vehicles to the place as the refinery is located at the western entrance to Homs city.


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