Damascus: Biden’s Statements Perpetuate Misguided Policies

 A Syrian official claims that the new US administration’s policies toward Syria continue to be misguided, writes Al-Watn.

The Syrian Assistant Foreign Minister Ayman Soussan asserted that there is nothing new in US policies toward Syria and that US President Joe Biden’s recent statements against Syria — including his allegations that the country constitutes a threat to US national security — are nothing new either. Instead, they are a continuation of misguided policies.

“The American [President] has said what he wants; however, for more than ten years, we in Syria have been defending our country and protecting our independence. The final say in this conflict belongs to Syrians alone,” Soussan said to Al-Watan on Saturday. “He who wants to stay on the wrong side of history — this is his problem — but history will judge him harshly.”

Referring to the ineffectual European position, which is merely a continuation and reflection of the US position, Soussan added that, “unfortunately Europe wanted to be subordinate to the US. Not only Syria is saying this; European public opinion has the same viewpoint on the EU.”

Regarding rumors about restoring Arab diplomatic channels with Damascus, Soussan pointed out that it was not Syria that closed doors, stoked rivalries, or betrayed others. Those who wish to return to Syria will find that the country looks to the future and not to the past. He stressed that, when diplomatic channels are restored with Damascus, it will be evident that Syrian policies are clear and transparent.

Regarding Syria’s re-joining of the Arab League at the upcoming Algiers summit, Soussan said, “more accurately, the other nations are reuniting with Syria, because there can be no Arab League without Syria.”

“It is natural to celebrate victory day over fascism with our Russian friends from Syria. Although fascism and Nazism were defeated, the ideologies that they held were of hegemony, imposing guardianship over other nations, and interference in their affairs, today, these are the hallmarks of American politics. What Syria has been, and continues to be, subject to due to these policies is very significant. Therefore, we need to stress the virtue of this victory, particularly emphasizing the need for an international order built on just foundations, which bring prosperity and security to all, not at anyone’s expense. This international order should respect the sovereignty of all states, large and small, and refrain from interfering in their affairs,” Soussan concluded.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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