Pro-Russia Popular Will Party Rejects Elections

A pro-Russian party has rejected the Syrian presidential elections scheduled in May, writes Jesr Press.

The pro-Russia Popular Will Party led by Qadri Jamil and one of the parties to the Moscow platform hahs rejected the Syrian presidential elections, scheduled to take place on May 26.

The party said in a statement Tuesday that “there is no definitive relationship between the elections of the 26th of this month and Resolution 2254 and the elections which the Resolution calls for. The elections stipulated in 2254 are elections based on a new constitutional basis agreed upon by the Syrians, which should be done.”

The statement added that these elections will not contribute to ending the conflict in Syria, nor are they taking place in the context of the Security Council Resolution 2254, which paves the way for the participation of all Syrians and the supervision of observers from the United Nations.

The most dangerous issue in these elections, the statement said, is that it “consolidates the status quo of the existing de facto division, not to mention the issue of integrity and transparency. These elections will take place on a part of the Syrian land and not the entire Syrian land, and will include part of the Syrians inside and outside Syria, not all of them.”

According to the statement, “this will help, directly or indirectly, those who seek to perpetuate the division of the country by converting the separation lines, from temporary military lines, to permanent economic and political separation lines.”

The statement indicated that “the criterion for the success of any elections is their contribution to solving the problems facing the state and society, and among the most important of these problems are those related to the dignity, livelihood and socio-economic status of people, and all these problems will not contribute to these elections in solving them.”

In the conclusion of its statement, the party affirmed that what must be worked on, and what can be achieved through the interaction between the new international balance and the efforts of the Syrian patriots, is the full implementation of Resolution 2254 as a mandatory and only way to preserve the unity of Syria, and to allow the Syrian people to choose their own self-determination.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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