Government Freezes Assets of Warlord

The Syrian government has frozen the assets of a prominent Syrian warlord, according to Baladi News.

The Syrian Ministry of Finance has issued a decision to seize the movable and immovable funds of Ayman Jaber, one of the most prominent “warlords” in Syria.

Jaber comes from the village of Al-Shalfatia in the Latakia province. He is married to the daughter of Kamal al-Assad, the cousin of Bashar al-Assad. His name emerged after 2011, when he established the “Desert Falcons” militia with his brother Muhammad Jaber, which later merged into the “Fifth Corps” formations.

The Ministry of Finance issued a decision No. 324 / GAA, which stipulated placing precautionary seizures on the movable and immovable assets belonging to a number of individuals and their wives. Among them was Ayman Jaber, according to Al-Iqtisadi, an independent business website.

The decision also included one Lebanese company, the International Minerals Distribution Company (Metal), and two individuals: Fayez Shaheen, and Ayman Jaber. The decision came to guarantee the public treasury’s rights from fees and fines due in Case No. 6/2020.


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