Faten Ali Nahar, First Woman to Run for President in Syria

The third presidential applicant is a woman - the first ever to run for the position, writes The Syrian Observer.

Faten Ali Nahar has become the first woman to ever run for president in Syria. 

Nahar, who is not a known figure in Syria, submitted an application in which she announced that she would be running for president, bringing the number of the candidacy applications submitted to the People’s Assembly to three.

The speaker of the People’s Assembly, Hammoudeh Sabbagh, announced Tuesday that the People’s Assembly had received a notice from the Supreme Constitutional Court that Faten Ali Nahar submitted an application in which she announced running for president.

On Monday, the People’s Assembly received two notices from the Supreme Constitutional Court that Abdullah Salloum Abdullah and Mohammad Firas Yasin Rajjouh submitted applications in which they announced running for president.

Nahar is 40-years-old and reportedly from Quneitra province. She graduated as a lawyer and has worked in the position since 2009.

She is the daughter of a retired general, Ali Nahar, who headed the Department of Survey at the Ministry of Defense.

No other information has been published about the hopeful candidate.




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