What Happened Over the Weekend

Two Russian soldiers killed by ISIS, former military leader of the Yarmouk Brigade killed, Deir-ez-Zor Civil Council official killed, Syrian mercenaries in the Karabakh conflict complain about stolen salaries. Catch up on everything that happened over the weekend.

An Islamic State-linked (ISIS) news outlet said on Saturday that two Russian forces soldiers were killed by ISIS militants in the Badia desert in central Syria. According to Zaman Al-Wasl, the Amaq news agency said that several Russian soldiers were also wounded in a clash that erupted in the town of al-Sukhna in the eastern countryside of Homs city. ISIS attacked a Russian helicopter during an airdrop operation, Amaq added. On Monday, three fighters operating in the Russian-backed Liwa al-Quds militia were also killed in an ISIS ambush near al-Sukhna.

On Friday, the leader of the settlement groups, Ayoub al-Sha’abin, was killed in the eastern countryside of the Daraa Governorate, in southern Syria. Local sources told North Press that Sha’abin was shot to death by unidentified individuals in the town of Saida, in the eastern countryside of Daraa. Sha’abin was a former military leader within the ranks of a local group called the Yarmouk Brigade before the government took control of the area in 2018, the sources indicated.

On Friday, an official in the Deir-ez-Zor Civil Council lost his life after being shot by unknown gunmen on the al-Hkorafi route that connects Hassakeh and Deir-ez-Zor in eastern Syria, North Press reported. The unknown attackers targeted the car of an official of the east Deir-ez-Zor countryside councils, Zinar Kobani, who stopped due to car trouble in the Rowyished area, 50 kilometers from Hassakeh.

The Syrian mercenaries that took part in the Karabakh conflict between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces were filmed recently complaining about stolen salaries. According to Al-Masdar, the video shows members of the Sultan Suleiman Shah Brigade complaining that they fought with the Turkish forces alongside the Azerbaijani troops in Karabakh, but were not compensated for their service. The Syrian mercenary that was speaking about the salaries said that their money was stolen from them, despite the fact they suffered casualties during the month-long war.


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