People’s Assembly to Hold Special Session on Elections Next Sunday

The People’s Assembly is set to meet next Sunday, focussing mainly on determining the date of the presidential elections, writes Alsouria Net.

The regime’s People’s Assembly will hold a special session next Sunday, amid expectations that the session will be devoted to determining the date of the presidential elections and opening the door for candidacy.

On Thursday, the Russian Sputnik website quoted a Syrian parliamentary source, whose identity has not been revealed, as saying that the People’s Assembly had invited its members to attend a session next Sunday, without specifying the reason for the session.

The website added, according to informed sources, that “Sunday’s special session will open the door for candidacy for those wishing to run for the presidential elections, which will be held next July.”

The RT website quoted a source in the People’s Assembly as saying that the session will be about calling for the presidential elections to be held soon, indicating that “the final agenda will be announced soon, which will determine the session’s priorities.”

The Bashar al-Assad regime intends to hold the presidential elections on time, according to regime officials, amid international and human rights refusal to recognize the legitimacy of these elections and their outcomes. 

Until today, the names of the candidates or the official date for the elections have not been announced, while the regime’s embassies in several countries began, two days ago, to collect the names and data of those wishing to run, including the regime’s embassy in Egypt, the UAE, and Venezuela.

The embassies asked Syrians aged 18 and over to register their names via email or to come to the embassy in person before April 25.

Assad’s term ends on Jul. 17, 2021, and while the regime insists on organizing presidential elections “on time,” Western countries — led by the US and European countries — say that the elections are “illegitimate,” given that a large segment of Syrians will not participate in them.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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